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Woodend Sanctuary Wedding Andrea & Brandon


July 15, 2018

On reminiscing over the ever growing relationship that brought them to their wedding day, Andrea and Brandon described their love best. In her own words, “She loved how they could talk about philosophy one minute and history the next. She loved that he, like her, thirsted for knowledge and hated pretension. And, to top it off, he kind of looked like Harry Potter, sans lightening scar and wizard robe.” He recalls, “We have been there for each other through the good times and bad times and I’ve come to realize that one of the best aspects of our relationship is that we bring each other so much joy. Our goofy sense of wonder has led to us to generate so many silly neologisms that a poor bystander eavesdropping on our conversation might be confused as to whether we either possess a severely low IQ or are speaking in an entirely different language.”

Everything that they described about each other and their relationship was present on their wedding day – both their deep love and their goofy interactions. Andrea & Brandon filled their wedding with the many meaningful traditions of their shared faith and so much laughter too. They married surrounded by nature, read vows in the form of original poetry, broke glasses, and danced the night away. To two of the kindest, warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, THANK YOU for choosing me to capture the many treasured moments on your first day of marriage. I hope you always laugh your way through life and never forget all the joy of this amazing day!

Venue | Woodend Sanctuary

Wedding Coordinator | Denean’s Party By Design

Florist | Lal Moya

Caterer | Alan Weiss Catering

Hair & Makeup | Alison Harper & Company

DJ | Karl Hunt

Videography | Marc Solomon

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